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Laura was phenomenal. She has a very natural, authentic and relatable presenting style and instantly established rapport and connection with our audience. Her messages were clear, articulate, and relevant to our audience. Her passion and advocacy for women is truly inspiring and I highly recommend her.

Mitch Falvey, Ravenswood School for Girls

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When was the last time you felt powerful?

When I ask that question to audiences, especially women and girls, many are lost for words.

Gender inequalities often boil down to power distribution. In the private sector in Australia, the odds are stacked against women with just 6% of us on average in leadership positions.

While we’ve made great strides toward equality through law making, we haven’t changed the power paradigm and many women are getting left behind. So why has progress stalled?

In this engaging and interactive 45-minute presentation, geared towards women and girls, Laura shares practical advice for embracing your power. She shares her own experience of finding power and influence, how to dig your way out of common mind traps, and new thinking that may change how you view yourself forever.

Build your brand on social media

Laura recently spoke at our mastermind retreat and was engaging, knowledgeable and energetic. I’d highly recommend her.

Jodie Minto, eCommerce Coach and Business Mentor

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Want to build a successful brand on social media without spending a dollar on advertising?

In Australia, one in two business leaders include social media as a major component of their marketing mix, yet many don’t have a strategy in place and experience poor return on their investment. 

The content you post on social media has the power to turn a brand into a household name and turn followers into fans. However, this kind of impact only comes from having a solid social media content strategy. 

It’s not enough to show up on every platform and sporadically update your audience when you have the time. The way to stand out on social media is to identify specific business goals, create valuable posts that align with these, and distribute the right content across the right platforms. Then you can measure your results, and fine-tune your strategy over time.

In this practical, value-packed 45-minute presentation, geared towards business and brand owners, Laura draws on 14 years of experience in the digital industry to share the six steps to building a social media plan that has longevity and helps businesses grow. Benefit from the latest stats, examples and strategies for proven success.

Create Content Marketing that Works

Laura was a fantastic speaker! Confident, bubbly and funny. I highly recommend working with Laura. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Anneke Los, Laureate International Universities

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How to balance the science and art of effective content marketing

“Marketing used to be about making a myth and selling it; now it’s about telling a truth and sharing it.” Marc Mathieu

The way we buy products and services has changed dramatically over the last 20 years because people don’t impulse buy anymore. They do research; they ask for recommendations; they visit websites; and, they check social media. And this is all before your business has any idea that they’re a prospect. 

Instead of a linear buyer journey, it’s a messy and chaotic buyer journey with multiple touch-points happening over weeks, months, and even years. This makes life extremely difficult for marketers, which is why content marketing has become such a big industry trend.

This illuminating and humorous 45-minute session will explore the history of marketing and reveal the modern route to content marketing success. Laura will share her roadmap to reaching, engaging and converting new buyers.

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